TurkVCa is a non-profit organization with a mission of facilitating the development of the Private Equity and Venture Capital industry in Turkey.

TurkVCa intends to pursue this goal by creating a platform to improve interaction and cooperation among the market participants such as: Funds, ventures, government, third party providers (corporate finance advisors, lawyers, accounting firms, and technical and human resource consultants), local and international institutional and high net worth investors, international Venture Capital Associations, other non-profit associations, academic community and capital markets.

TurkVCa aims to pursue its goal through development initiatives such as:
  • Bolstering the quality of deal flow by improving
    • the entrepreneurial environment in Turkey,
    • awareness of PE / VC among the ventures,
    • corporate governance, accounting and information standards,
    • managerial resources.
  • Improving the regulatory framework under which PE / VC operates
  • Promoting Turkish PE / VC to institutional investors worldwide
  • Improving the exit alternatives for PE / VC deals by
    • advising and providing guidance on the establishment and development of new stock markets for growth companies,
    • contributing to the development of Mergers & Acquisitions markets in Turkey.

TurkVCa intends to support the interaction among the market participants and to reach the stated objectives by:
  • Organizing activities such as conferences, seminars, panels, luncheons, education programs sometimes jointly with other organizations
  • Serving as a think tank and encouraging research, recommendations and implementation plans in the field of VC and PE.
  • Providing a platform to disseminate information in the matters relevant to the PE / VC.

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